The effect of medical talcum powder!


   The protective effect of medical talc on skin and mucous membrane talc can absorb a large amount of chemical irritants or poisons due to its small particles and large total area, so when it is spread on the surface of inflamed or damaged tissues, it can have a protective effect.  When taking orally, in addition to protecting the gastrointestinal mucosa of inflammation, play the role of vomiting, diarrhea, but also to prevent the absorption of toxins in the gastrointestinal tract.  Talc is not completely harmless and can cause granulomas in the abdomen, rectum, vagina, etc.  


   Antibacterial effect The medium containing 10% talc by plate method has an inhibitory effect on typhoid and A paratyphoid.  The paper rule only had a mild antibacterial effect on meningococcal bacteria.  


   Effect of medical talc: diuretic, clear heat and relieve heat, remove dampness and sores.  For heat shower, stone shower, urine heat and astringent pain, heat dampness polydipsia, damp and hot water diarrhea;  External treatment of eczema, wet sores, prickly heat.  Function of talc: medicine - food grade (YS) : medicine tablet, sugar coating, prickly heat powder and Chinese medicine prescription, food additive, isolation agent, etc.  With talc, red stone fat, rhubarb each equal, grind for the end.  Wash the wound with hot tea and apply the medicine.  

 talc powder

   The lower part is wet perspiration. With one or two talc, half half gypsum (calcined) and a little dried alum, grind together for the end, dry rub the affected area.  Wind poison heat sore (yellow water runs all over).  Use tiger fight first, pea, licorice each equally, decocting water wash bath, then use talc powder puff to apply on the body, pregnant woman urine astringent impasses, mix well with talc powder and water, paste in two inches below umbilicus.  Urination is impassable. Use talcum powder 1 liter, add juice before car, mix well, besmear around umbilicus, dry change.  There is no winter juice, can use water instead.  

   Talc is soft, smooth to touch, stable in chemical property, not only has no stimulating effect on the skin, but also can absorb sweat and smooth the skin.  However, it should be noted that medical talc should be used, because the raw talc is a natural mineral, and tetanus spores may exist, so the talc is first heated,Y-- ray, and ethylene oxide (propane) disinfection.  In addition, if the skin has a wound is disabled.  


   Used in medicine, food industry additives.  Features: Non-toxic, tasteless, high white, good tolerance, strong gloss, soft taste, strong smoothness characteristics.  PH 7-9, does not degrade the original product characteristics.  They are flat, squarish or irregular in size.  All white, egg white or yellow white, surface pearl-like luster, translucent or opaque.  Soft and delicate, hand feel smooth, with nails can be scraped under the white powder.  Odorless, tasteless, slightly cool.  To clean, blue and white color, smooth, no miscellaneous stone is better.  

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