magnesium hydroxide phenolic resin

  • Magnesium Hydroxide Phenolic Resin

    Magnesium Hydroxide Phenolic Resin

    1.Magnesium hydroxide has the advantages of melting drop resistance, carbonization promotion, non-volatilization, non-seepage, and no secondary pollution to the environment. 2.Magnesium Hydroxide is especially suitable for use with halogen-free flame retardant thermoplastic compounds, since incorporating the additive improves not only the flame retardant properties but also the dropping behavior and crust formation. 3.The effectiveness of flame – retardant and smoke suppressant is better than Aluminum Hydroxide. 4.Magnesium Hydroxide has strong reinforcement due to high fineness & the surface is coated specially. 5.Magnesium hydroxide has high adhesive property.

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